Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Plan is Starting (Metis' Journal)

Today I had to decide whether or not to keep some of the latest hatchlings. Cassie and JakeBerenson had produced offspring that were too bright for my eyes. Their two offspring were extremely loyal, one of them adoring felines, but something told me that they wouldn't last long in the clan.

Which isn't a fault of theirs.

Herbie and MaryGraham produced excellent offspring with one exception to the batch. All of them beautiful children and being sound of mind and body. Maybe Misty could make it, so I've left it up to Seitou whether she will go or stay. I cannot make a clear decision about that Fae.

I am happy about one new dragon entering the clan. I am more than excited, to tell the truth. I'm relieved that another part of my plan, albeit unexpected, has fallen in front of me. Vergere seems more than a little useful.

This is because her ideals can be so vastly misunderstood by others. Possibly misunderstood by one that would become the crucible for my father's clan.

For the longest time I had decided that my father needed to make sure that his clan was meant to be. That the Shadowbinder had her blessings upon us. I could've told him this, but then the test wouldn't be right.

The clan would need to go through this test without knowing the reason.

If Seitou's Clan survived this test, then the clan would be so much stronger. If the clan failed, then it was never meant to be.

Kind? No. Necessary? Yes.

But I had to keep the plan a secret, especially now. Now I would have to show my father what I had thought of the latest hatchlings.

Later I would continue my search for the Crucible dragon.

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