Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Lover in Me 2

"You can go now." I told the Fae.

It was a stormy night tonight, loud thunder and heavy rains. Unlike a good majority of the clan, I had a hut to help keep dry. All department heads tended to have their own hut while the others stayed outside. I didn't go into my hut when I could avoid it as I enjoyed being one with nature.

I had performed a spell so little flames of light floated around the hut, giving me the ability to read my scrolls. The scrolls that helped me plan breeding projects.

"I am part of the Intelligent Department, I want to learn about the clan." Marco said, taking the crown off his head and holding it to his chest.

"There is nothing I wish to teach you now." I said again, ignoring his attempts to make me pity him. "You are more of a strategist, this wouldn't fit into your area."

"But..." He said and looked out into the storm.

I sighed, he was using any excuse to stay away from the rain. He seemed so much like a child, and was the same breed Entropy had been, that I let out a heavy sigh.

"So what do those mean?" Marco asked, putting his crown back on his head.

Waving my front claw, some of the scrolls hovered in the air. Others had their drawings seem to rise up in a red haze from where they had originally been written.

"I am making it so that you can more easily understand." I told him. "Sometimes I do this if I need to quickly double check facts."

I pointed to a string of symbols on one scroll and Marco looked. He hovered in the air right in front of the scroll.

"These are my musings on who you would be best bred with." I said, happy I was about to have a good jab at him. "I think that you and Kali might make a good pair, genetically at least. Maybe a pairing to be bred in the spring and summertime if all goes correctly. I also think that maybe you and MaryGraham might produce good hatchlings. And, as I am aware, you have feelings for her?"

A little blush appeared on the Fae's face, but my own remained hidden behind my mask. I was smiling behind it.

"What about Elfangor?" Marco finally asked.

"What about him?" I asked, pretending to search for his breeding information.

"He hasn't bred yet." Marco said. "Do you 'have feelings for him'?"

I couldn't tell if Marco was merely making a joke or that he guessed the truth. The dragon was annoying but very observant. He also had the time to gather gossip from different clanmates.

"You can't tell if a dragon has feelings for another just by the fact if they have or haven't bred." I replied undoing the spells that I had set up.

The scrolls went back to where they had been and the lights went out.

"Would you like me to go over how best to perform coitus on a Fae?" I teased Marco.

"I'm good." Marco said and quickly left my hut in embarrassment.

Even if the rumors of me and Elfangor spread, at least I had won this battle with Marco.

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