Monday, May 28, 2012

The Eternal Heart: Eyes Opened 3

What I said next made me feel ashamed. "I don't have a full memory of myself." I said. "I do know I fight for the Resistance. That's all I need to know."

Jesse hardly changed her expression, but Riley shifted in her seat. It was time for the questioning to begin in earnest. Everything else had been warm up. It had all been practice. Probably just for Riley.

"What day did you join the Resistance?" Jesse asked.

"After Judgment Day sometime. The exact day is fuzzy."

"How can it be fuzzy if you're so dedicated? I would imagine that's the last thing you'd ever forget."

Jesse was right. It was odd for me to forget that. Sometime after Judgment Day? Nothing of what actually happened that day? What fucking bullshit was that? I tried to remember, but I couldn't.

"Why did you join the Resistance?" Riley asked. Her voice gentle and kind.

"Hello? Skynet bad. Resistance good." I replied sarcastically.

"Is it really safe to simplify that?"

"It's the only way to fight. To not question things that will confuse you."

"So you follow without thought? You don't have your own mind?" Jesse asked. "Sounds like how metal thinks."

"How do you follow orders, Flores?" I asked. Something had changed, I didn't want to assume she was a Grey anymore.

"I made sure of the side I was joining first."

"What makes you think I didn't?"

"You don't remember when or have a clear reason why." Jesse said and nodded to Riley.

"A human would break things down." Riley said.

"Wait. Hold on. You're saying I'm not human?" I asked with shock making it impossible for me to emote.

"Jesse wouldn't let you live if she thought you were a Terminator." Riley said. "You aren't metal, but you are probably brainwashed."

There was a pause as Jesse had to put an arm around Riley. After a few seconds, Riley grew calm enough to continue, "They've messed you up. But you are human."
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