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Queen Xenomorph (Jash's Dragon Army)

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Name: Queen Xenomorph

Breed: Guardian Avatar (Destruction)

Clan: Hounds of the Wastelands

Position: Second in Command

Sex: Female

Gender: Woman

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Romantic Orientation: Biromantic

Mate(s): N/A

Fics: N/A

Forms: N/A

Theme Song: Bully by Shinedown


In a soft rainstorm, a pair of dragons abandoned their egg. One of which was a fabled Guardian of Nature. The father had decided, for whatever reason, that Jashypoo was offering a great deal. The strange human was in possession of some valuable items of which she would not reveal how she got.

Jashypoo bid the dragon pair good day and went off to one of her houses. This one was a small hut at the edge of a fishing village. She prepared a special place for her new egg. The Avatar of Destruction was a breed she wanted for her army. Something in the breed intrigued her greatly.

Upon the hatching of the egg, Jashypoo found the hatchling very agreeable. The one thing the human noticed was that the dragon preferred to stay alone. As if it didn't trust anything.

For years the woman tried to show the dragon that there was nothing to fear from her. That all of its fears were merely imagined. She tried to celebrate holidays with it, sometimes having her other dragons appear, but nothing ever helped.

The Christmas with Kobak was the last for the Avatar of Destruction. Soon after Jashypoo found a good spot for the hatchling. She paid close attention to the dragoness until its wings grew. She named the female Queen Xenomorph due to Jashypoo's love of the dragon and the dragon's oddity.

Jashypoo promised Queen to be there if she ever needed help, but the adolescent dragon seemed to brush off her owner's help. Not that the Avatar thought of the human as an owner. Merely a caretaker until she was old enough to live on her own.

Queen Xenomorph quickly proved that her entire breed wasn't about destruction and did care about building. About protecting.

Deep in the jungle Queen found a village that was constantly under attack by Red Dragons. These dragons adored exerting their influence.

The human villagers, and some hatchlings that lived close by, were always in constant fear of them. They would make payments to the Red Dragons.

Queen quickly figured out that the Reds were merely young ones who had never been in a real fight. Never had experienced true dangers. So all she had to do was show up at one of their 'battles' and roar. Exerting the minimum amount of magic.

The Reds were frightened and didn't come back for decades. She ended up being celebrated by the villagers and stayed there until she grew into adulthood.

One day Queen became greatly injured when a Guardian of Nature attacked her. She had accidentally intruded on his territory, causing the dragon to become more than violent. Before she could escape he had torn one of her wings making it impossible for her to fly away.

She eventually found shelter but was constantly worried about being attacked by the Avatar of Destruction who seemed to call Queen's shelter part of her territory. Luckily Queen was able to recover peacefully.

One night the other Avatar was being attacked by a group of Plated Colossus Dragons. Deciding that helping the Avatar would mean she would be safe in the long run, she joined the fight. The two of them drove the attackers out.

The Avatar introduced herself as Rachel Crayak and the two eventually became friends. Queen first learned to respect Rachel and finally considered her a true friend. But she eventually had to part ways as being so close to someone was off0putting to her.

Though Rachel seemed to be different than most.

With a quick parting, Queen wandered off on her own again. Healed with partial help from Rachel.

Years later Queen found herself lonely and in need of a companion. She found this a strange thing as she had never gotten so lonely before. Maybe it was because her reputation preceded her, she had ended up rescuing other villages as well as destroying towns that she felt weren't good for the land, and so people avoided her.

Both human and dragon kind alike.

Queen Xenomorph would later call it fate when she ran across a Cassare Dragon. The female was extremely friendly to her and would just talk to her. No mention was made of the things Queen had accomplished.

Not For Your Shield, the Cassare Dragon, ended up traveling with Queen. Throughout the years Queen started having feelings for her. Feelings that she never mentioned. Would never mention. Part of the reason was that it was a feeling that was alien to her.

And having a constant companion was alien enough for the time being.

Shield proved to be beyond valuable in certain magical situations. The Cassare would allow the Avatar to perform difficult acts without being caught.

During a break from her adventures, Queen ran into Rachel Crayak again. The two quickly caught up with what had happened and Rachel informed her old friend of the reason for the meeting. Jashypoo, the strange human who had originally raised Queen, was looking to make a clan called the Hounds of the Wastelands.

Shield, whom Rachel seemed very on edge about, asked to be included in the clan as the messenger. With her companion's request, Queen felt obligated to join the clan as the Second in Command.

After the ceremony, the trio flew away to find a good place for the cave. The headquarters of the entire clan. It was Queen who found the place and then they got to work.

Queen now spends her days judging who should be sought after to join the clan and any dangers that affect Jashypoo's dragons.

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